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Limited Edition Christmas CD from Greg Henkel

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Take a magical Christmas Journey with Greg Henkel on this all-new album of original songs! Lovingly hand-crafted for future generations of Christmas delight! Comes with lovingly hand-crafted dinosornament! Limited to 500 signed and numbered copies!

From Greg:

Friends, I began this Christmas Journey 44 years ago when I first laid fingers on a piano and dove headlong into the world of music. Little did that 6 year old boy know that those first few tentative notes would lead to a Life-sized Kaleidoscope of Experience that would carry him to the fruition of this project.
It was all crafted by myself and a few friends over the course of two magical studio days spent telling our story in word and song. It’s the story of a journey to find the perfect gift for Santa Claus, that most selfless of givers. What we found in the end may not surprise you, but the steps along the way are as unique as you are.

Here’s what you’ll hear about:

It’s a Merry Merry Merry Merry Christmas
Christmas Cat
Jingle Jangle Christmas Tree
Christmas Sunshine
Bonnie Santa, Hieland Santa
Santa’s Kitten
The Magic Christmas Dreidel
Christmas March
True Love Comes On Christmas Eve
Peace and Love

Since each CD comes in a hand-lettered sleeve with a hand-crafted dinosaur ornament, our production is limited to 500 signed and numbered copies. If you’d like a petite dinosaur, the price is just $20 dollars. If you’d prefer a massive dinosaur, well that’s $30.

You can purchase the CD on at our Etsy shop by clicking this link: Take me on a Christmas Journey!

Just message me at if I can answer any other questions, and let’s make every day a time for Sharing and Caring.

From Our Family To Yours… Honored To Be At Your Service,
Greg Henkel