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    Our second album is now available for download. And it’s FREE!

    This is the out of print CD that contains Barney, Ringa-dinga-da, Tell Me Ma and the infamous Remnant Stew, one of the first songs ever written by Greg for the Flying Fish Sailors!

    Just download the file and extract the contents to a folder on your hard drive.
    You can then listen on your MP3 player or burn them to CD.

    Download Remnant Stew

    Back in 1995 and 1996 Jay Lee organized two Celtic music events at the now defunct Rockefeller’s Nightclub.

    The first event was called “Blarney Fest” and featured The Flying Fish Sailors, Ceili’s Muse and the first major public performance by the legendary band, Clandestine. The master of ceremonies was Jim McKenzie. The concert was completely sold out and by any measure, a huge success for all parties invloved.

    The second event was called “Son of Blarney Fest” and featured the same bands and also included Gordian Knot and a solo performance by Mary Maddux. This event also sold out and was a huge success.

    Both concerts were recorded and a limited run of CD’s and cassettes were sold and they were never reprinted. But now, thanks to the digital age, these recordings are available once more via web download ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

    Click on the following links to get your copy today!

    BlarneyFest 95

    Son of BlarneyFest