•    Poke You In The Eye   

    pokeThe Flying Fish Sailors continue their excellent tradition of irreverent funny songs and outstanding celtic instrumental music. This recording features an enjoyable assortment of songs that will keep you laughing and toe tapping until the cows come home!

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    Track Listings

    1. St. Anne’s Reel / Staten Island Hornpipe
    2. Waltzing Matilda
    3. General Dollar General
    4. Unrequited to the Nth Degree
    5. Campbell’s Farewell to Red Gap
    6. The Food Chain
    7. Rain
    8. King Henry
    9. Poke You In The Eye
    10. My Big Cat
    11. Coffee, Oh!
    12. Snoring Mrs. Gobeil
    13. Loch Ness Monster (Reprise)
    14. Twenty Fourth of February
    15. Scalloway Lasses / Gravelwalk
    16. Five O’Clock World
    17. Day Dawn / Bride’s a Bonnie Thing
    18. London Homesick Blues
    19. Chain Mail
    20. Mingulay Boat Song