•    Update crazy!   

    The show at Hickory Hollow was a HUGE success. Thanks to everyone who showed up and supported us!
    If you were there and have any pictures, please send me an email! I would love to post them here.

    For those who subscribe to the Flying Fish Sailors blog I apologize for the bombardment of notifications.
    I was just getting the discography pages set up. Things should settle down for awhile.

    I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and here’s to a excellent new year!


    • Hi there! I need to get in touch with someone about doing a gig.
      Give me a ringy-dingy on e-mail.

    • I absolutely love this new site, Jay! Thank you for deleting all that yellow print!
      However, I still have a little problem with signing in. We’ll discuss that later!
      You all should sing the “Flying Fish Sailor” song in your shows.

    • We enjoyed the show at Hickory Hollow, it was great so when is your next show?

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