•    Samples from Poke You In The Eye   

    Poke You In The Eye Title track written by Jay Lee

    Dollar General Dollar is a song written and sung by our fiddle player, Greg Henkel. Check out the Morricone bridges in this song.

    Rain is our skewed interpretation of the semi-obscure Beatles song (the “b” side of the single “Paperback Writer”). This song is the direct result of our fiddle player’s brother Jim joining the band. You may have seen him play as the guitarist for Beetle, Light Rock Express and The El Orbits.

    London Homesick Blues is just one of those songs we just had to record. It is an overplayed Texas anthem to be sure. Jay Lee sings this as a duet with Pete Gordon (aka The Dazzling Pete Gray of The El Orbits, aka Wet Dawg of Mojo Nixon and the Toadliquers fame, aka good friend and manager of the Continental Club). His piano playing is second to none and makes this song shine (IMHO).


    • Hi Jay! 😀 I’m doing a knitting podcast named “Pointy Sticks” and every time I say “Pointy Sticks” I start to sing the delightful “Poke You in the Eye” song. (Which is a favorite at our household, since everyone here is HUGE FFS fans!) I was wondering – is it possible for me to use a snippet of the chorus in my podcast? Of course, with credit to the FFS for the song. I didn’t know who to contact for permission for use, so I figured this was the best place to start.

      I’m going to poke you in the eye … poke you in the eye …

    • love this song!!! it is what we say any time sombody says ” if i do that for you you, what i get?”
      answer” “poke you in the eye!” and now we have a theme song! i listen to christine’s podcast POINTY STICKS
      and followed the link to you -ever play in DC?
      going to amazon right now to order POKE YOU IN THE EYE

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