•    Haul U-Haul Haul!   

    Check out this recent news story from local ABC affiliate Channel 13:

    U-Haul chase ends in Brays Bayou

    The similarities between the song “Haul U-Haul Haul” from Loch Ness Monster and the news story are eerie…

    So an officer came in a great big cruiser
    The aquarium tipped and we started to lose her
    Then I saw me a sight that made me shiver
    As the truck dove nose first into the river
    When I got to shore I was damn near drowned
    As I watched that truck floating right out of town
    So I sat in jail ‘til the very next day Sir
    With the mileage fee just a’tickin’ away Sir
    But from all this pain one thing I’ve learned Sir
    Well the next time I move I’ll just buy new furniture

    For those unfamiliar with the song I have added it to this post for your listening enjoyment.

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