•    2010 Houston Press Music Awards   

    The Flying Fish Sailors have been nominated for the 2010 Houston Press Music Awards! Please take a moment and go to the voting page and cast your vote for the Fish in the Best Folk category, we’d really appreciate it!

    Best Folk (where we are) is category 34

    While your there, consider our friends who are nominated in the following categories:

    Category 16 – Best Rock – The Blaggards
    Category 35 – Root Rock – Sideshow Tramps
    Category 36 – Best Cover Band – Beetle (featuring our own Jim Henkel!)
    Category 37 – Best guitarist – Jim Henkel

    The direct voting link is at http://polls.houstonpress.com/polls/hou/mas2010

    Thanks for your consideration and support!


    • Just voted, break several legs, and play any sw Houston venue soon, please, we love you all, and are greatly amused by most of you…there’s just no fish like a flying fish. Had a flying fish moment at the grocery store last week, saw’cabbage in a can’, and immediately thought of ‘Riders on the Storm’….Cabbage in a can, cabbage in a can, it’s good cooked up with ham….cabbage in a can, you can leave the beans alone, but don’t forget the bone, cabbage…well, you get the idea. I must have stared at that can for a whole 2 minutes, (it was the only one I’ve ever seen before or since) Needless to say, I had to bring it home.(Hey, that could be worked into the lyric also…)Now does it sound like I’m having seeious sailor withdrawal, or what? Restless in Rosenberg.

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