•    Statement from The Flying Fish Sailors regarding St. Patrick’s Day 2020   

    St. Patrick’s Day is probably the most important single day of celebration for the Celtic music community. Not only in terms of unbridled revelry, but also in terms of revenue for the musicians and the venues that host them.

    The Flying Fish Sailors were extremely happy to have been invited to play at The Mucky Duck for St. Patrick’s Day as this is one of, if not THE biggest St Patrick’s event in Houston.

    In the weeks that have passed since we initially agreed to perform at the event the news of the Coronavirus pandemic has grown more and more dire. After much consideration we have made the difficult decision that The Flying Fish Sailors will NOT be performing at this event or any other large scale concert in the foreseeable future.

    I know it’s an easier decision for us than it is for others. The Flying Fish Sailors don’t perform all that often and our lack of participation does not have the same financial consequences that such a decision might have for musicians who count on the revenue and the venue that has already put their money down in preparation for the event.

    And while we are disappointed that we won’t be on a stage on this day, there is consolation in knowing that we are minimizing the potential effects on our own health as well as the health of our loved ones.

    Everyone must make their own decisions as to how to respond to the Coronavirus and we encourage all of our fans to look at the data available and make the best choices they can based on what is currently known and what is revealed in the coming days, weeks and months.

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