•    2008 Houston Press Music Awards   

    The Flying Fish Sailors have been nominated in the category “Best Traditional Folk Band” so please take time to go vote for us. You can find the ballot online at houstonpress.com/polls/musicawards08

    We’ll be playing at the Awards showcase on July 27th from 4:00-4:45 pm at Dean’s Credit Clothing located at 316 Main St. in downtown Houston.

  •    Show Cancelled   

    The show at the Big Top on April 28th has been cancelled.
    Hopefully we’ll get something back on the books soon!

  •    Haul U-Haul Haul!   

    Check out this recent news story from local ABC affiliate Channel 13:

    U-Haul chase ends in Brays Bayou

    The similarities between the song “Haul U-Haul Haul” from Loch Ness Monster and the news story are eerie…

    So an officer came in a great big cruiser
    The aquarium tipped and we started to lose her
    Then I saw me a sight that made me shiver
    As the truck dove nose first into the river
    When I got to shore I was damn near drowned
    As I watched that truck floating right out of town
    So I sat in jail ‘til the very next day Sir
    With the mileage fee just a’tickin’ away Sir
    But from all this pain one thing I’ve learned Sir
    Well the next time I move I’ll just buy new furniture

    For those unfamiliar with the song I have added it to this post for your listening enjoyment.

  •    Fish On The Web   

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  •    FFS and TWIS   


    This Week In Science is a 1 hour weekly science/technology radio news show broadcast on KDVS 90.3 FM on Tuesdays 8:30-9:30AM PST. The weekly program is also available in podcast form.

    KDVS is a public radio station and, as such, must do some fundaising to generate revenue. One of the items TWIS makes available is a CD compilation of science related songs.

    The Flying Fish Sailors song “The Flu Pandemic” is featured on the TWIS 2007 Science Music Compilation CD along with many other funny and geeky songs by such artist as The National Pool , Film Extras, The Exhibits, Phil Thompson, Sudden Death and Mike Garfield, Test Pilots, Magovista and MC Coffee Mug.

  •    FFS LIVE!   

    The Flying Fish Sailors are going to start playing the second Monday of the month at Shoeshine Charley’s Big Top Lounge which is two doors down from the Houston Continental Club @ 3700 Main Street.

    Shows start at 9:00 and run till around 11:00 or so. Admission is free and it’s super casual.

    The first show is March 10th.

    Please spread the word!

  •    KPFT Fall Concert Series   

    When: Sunday, November 4th from 4-6pm
    Where: Miller Outdoor Theater (on the small stage)


    The Flying Fish Sailors
    (2007 Best Of Houston Award Winners)

    Along with:

    Constant Billy
    O’Maoileidigh School of Irish Dance

  •    Houston Press 2007 Best Of Houston   

    Best Pirate Band (2007)
    Flying Fish Sailors

    From their name to their repertoire, historical nautical themes permeate all that the Flying Fish Sailors do. Each of their albums features a sea shanty or four, and even shanties about such landlubberly subjects as mowing the lawn, and U-Haul trucks. (If you ask them nicely, they’ll don “pseudo-pirate” attire for a gig.)

    Guitarist Jay Lee fondly recalls playing a set on the tall ship Elissa in Galveston — “When we would do the sea shanties, the volunteers on the Elissa knew the words and they would sing along, and it was really cool,” he remembers. So far, that’s been their only show on the briny deep, but they’ve played hundreds of gigs on land. “We’ve laid siege to every place from the Red Lion to the Mucky Duck and boarded many a bar,” Lee says. As the Sea Captain on The Simpsons might put it, “Arrr, this be the yarrest band thar be.

  •    Rare Blarney Fest Recordings Unearthed   

    Back in 1995 and 1996 Jay Lee organized two Celtic music events at the now defunct Rockefeller’s Nightclub.

    The first event was called “Blarney Fest” and featured The Flying Fish Sailors, Ceili’s Muse and the first major public performance by the legendary band, Clandestine. The master of ceremonies was Jim McKenzie. The concert was completely sold out and by any measure, a huge success for all parties invloved.

    The second event was called “Son of Blarney Fest” and featured the same bands and also included Gordian Knot and a solo performance by Mary Maddux. This event also sold out and was a huge success.

    Both concerts were recorded and a limited run of CD’s and cassettes were sold and they were never reprinted. But now, thanks to the digital age, these recordings are available once more via web download ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

    Click on the following links to get your copy today!

    BlarneyFest 95

    Son of BlarneyFest

  •    Rocrament   

    Something many of our fans may not know is that the song “Loch Ness Monster” was originally written and recorded as a heavy metal song. Greg Henkel came up with a band called Rocrament and wrote about 10-12 songs for this band and his brother, Jim Henkel, recorded them. Jim laid down all the tracks and mixed it in his home studio.

    The heavy metal version of Loch Ness Monster is a bonus hidden track on the Flying Fish Sailors CD of the same name.

    Recently, Greg has been working hard with a hand-picked group of musicians to bring Rocrament to the stage and his evil brilliant plan comes to fruition this Thursday night, June 21st at the Houston Continental Club.

    Show time is around 10:30 and follows the regular Thursday night performance of Jim Henkel’s Beatles tribute band “Beetle.”

    Only Greg knows for sure what this performance will entail, but early reports are of elaborate stage props and costumes. Greg let me know that Rocrament has about 45 minutes of live material so this will not be an all night affair. This is going to be a rock show for the ages!

    Check out Rocrament’s Myspace page for more information.

    Click here to hear the song “Rocrament” from the original CD.