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Fish @ Via Colori

   Posted by: Jay Lee

Long time friend of the Fish, Scott Davis (aka Wheelcipher), has some photos of the band from last year’s Via Colori posted at his Flickr page. Check them out by clicking here.

Thanks, Scott!



   Posted by: Jay Lee

This is the award we received when The Flying Fish Sailors won the Best Traditional Folk category of the 2008 Houston Press Music Awards. It is a handmade iron sculpture by Houston artist and longtime friend Mik Miano.


Fish In The Spotlight

   Posted by: Jay Lee

Brad Collett of Media Riot Productions took some interesting photos of the band during the showcase. I especially like the treatment of these shots.



   Posted by: Jay Lee

The Flying Fish Sailors were voted Houston’s Best Tradtional Folk Act in the 2008 Houston Press Music Awards! Thanks to all our fans who voted and everyone who continues to support us after all these years!

You can read up on the award ceremony at Jay Lee’s blog


HPMA Review

   Posted by: Jay Lee

Flying Fish Sailors/photo by Brigitte B. Zabak

Excerpt from HPMA Aftermath: Flying Fish Sailors, Umbrella Man, Wayside Drive, Born Liars, Poor Dumb Bastards and Young Mammals:


Folk music might be an acquired taste for some, but Flying Fish Sailors have found a way to bring that traditional sound to the masses, with lively melodies and clean, unencumbered harmonies. No subject is too small for the likable quintet, whose songs Sunday touched on themes ranging from death and war (“The Flu Pandemic”) to cats (“My Big Cat”).

The Sailors’ songwriting is very witty and smart; it’s not easy to write about things like mythical creatures and have it appeal widely to an adult audience. The band’s showcase performance drew a sizeable number of people, equal parts devoted fans and newcomers. The group’s commitment to its music really came through onstage, especially during “Loch Ness Monster.” The set was instantly contagious, and by the end, there wasn’t a non-smiling face in the crowd.


HPMA Showcase

   Posted by: Jay Lee

Photo by Groovehouse

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Houston Press Music Awards Showcase on Sunday!
Looks like voting has closed. Wish us luck!


2008 Houston Press Music Awards

   Posted by: Jay Lee

The Flying Fish Sailors have been nominated in the category “Best Traditional Folk Band” so please take time to go vote for us. You can find the ballot online at

We’ll be playing at the Awards showcase on July 27th from 4:00-4:45 pm at Dean’s Credit Clothing located at 316 Main St. in downtown Houston.


Show Cancelled

   Posted by: Jay Lee

The show at the Big Top on April 28th has been cancelled.
Hopefully we’ll get something back on the books soon!


Haul U-Haul Haul!

   Posted by: Jay Lee

Check out this recent news story from local ABC affiliate Channel 13:

U-Haul chase ends in Brays Bayou

The similarities between the song “Haul U-Haul Haul” from Loch Ness Monster and the news story are eerie…

So an officer came in a great big cruiser
The aquarium tipped and we started to lose her
Then I saw me a sight that made me shiver
As the truck dove nose first into the river
When I got to shore I was damn near drowned
As I watched that truck floating right out of town
So I sat in jail ‘til the very next day Sir
With the mileage fee just a’tickin’ away Sir
But from all this pain one thing I’ve learned Sir
Well the next time I move I’ll just buy new furniture

For those unfamiliar with the song I have added it to this post for your listening enjoyment.


Fish On The Web

   Posted by: Jay Lee

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