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    With all the news about the bird flu and the possibilities of a flu pandemic to rival the one that happened in the early 1900’s I thought I would post the lyrics to the song Greg wrote for The Flying Fish Sailors here in the blog.

    If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the song it is available on our Loch Ness Monster CD which can be ordered from Amazon.com or by contacting me via e-mail.

    The Flu Pandemic

    Copyright 1999 Topmast Production and the Flying Fish Sailors

    Chorus: It was the Flu pandemic
    And it swept the whole world wide
    It caught soldiers and civilians
    And they died, died, died!
    Whether they’re lying in the trenches
    Or lying in their beds
    Twenty million of them got it
    And they’re dead, dead, dead!

    There was a soldier on the battleground in 1917
    He turned there to his buddy with his face a ghastly green
    He said “We made it both through Passchendaele, the Somme, and Flanders too
    But now my number’s up my lad for I’ve gone and caught the flu”


    Well a nurse was in the hospital when Tommy was brought in
    When he sneezed she caught a face full that was flying in the wind
    She wrote a letter home to England to tell them of her plight
    But the letter never got there ’cause the postman too had died


    From the meadow-lands of Somerset and o’er the bounding main
    To the shores of old Americay they sung the same refrain
    Mothers, fathers, uncles and aunts as well as the odd nephew
    Brothers and sisters and bosses and lovers were all got by the flu


    Well a farmer out in China watched his family dropping down
    And a businessman in Cairo hit the street without a sound
    And an eager little Bolshevik in old Sevastopol couldn’t keep up his grinnin’ at Lenin as Comrade Virus took its toll


    • I’ve had the song in my head since they started talking about it. (stuck in my head ALMOST EVERY FREAKING DAY!!!) 🙂

    • It has been in my head too. I came to this site looking for the lyrics and they were right there. Now I can sing it to all my friends and get it stuck in their heads too.

    • This song is a total ear-worm! I love it, it’s the jolliest ditty ever about the death of 20 million people.

    • Brilliant! FFS introduced me to Ceili’s Muse and for that, I’ll always be grateful…

    • I think it’s about to have a new burst of popularity

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