•    Flying Fish Sailors are everywhere!   

    Thanks to the magic of the Iterweb, the Flying Fish Sailors are now available via Livejournal and Myspace.
    The same content that is posted here is cross-posted to both locations.

    This means that if you have a Myspace account you can add our Myspace account to your Myspace contacts and if you subscribe to Livejournal you can add our Livejournal feed to your friends list to see the updates on this site.


    • It’s really great to see you so actively putting this stuff on the web! About a month ago I did a search for you guys and found some houston press articles and neglected-looking websites, and now you’re everywhere! Rss, livejournal… great job Jay!

      By the way, I definitely think you guys should milk the flu-pandemic thing for all it’s worth!

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