•    Goodbye TRF   

    Anyone who has seen The Flying Fish Sailors play live has probably witnessed the spectacle that is our performance of Loch Ness Monster, a song written by Greg and the title track of our 4th CD.

    It’s hard to describe but it’s VERY dramatic and features Greg and myself being rather *ahem*… animated on stage. The highlight is during the chorus of Loooooooooooch Neeeeeeeesssssss Monsterrrrrrrrrr when Greg and I stand back to back and he uses his arms to form the jaws of the monster and I use mine to form the tail.

    At our last performance of the festival season we had a very nice crowd of some of our more faithful and dedicated fans. On a bit of a whim I asked the audience to help us out and mimic Greg and I during the song. The result was an audience full of monsters. I could barely keep a straight face.


    • Much More FUN than a barrel of Shockey Monkeys 😉

    • Hi Jay. You guys look great! Downloading your album. Can’t wait to hear it.
      Panther and Blue’s mom.

    • I loved the show at TRF 2005. I’m wondering – I checked the TRF site yesterday, Sunday,
      4th of June, and did’t see your group listed for 2006.

      Are you not at TRF this year???
      If not why??? I’ll miss seeing your show.

      Robbie Sheehy aka Lilith

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