•    Houston Press Music Awards Showcase   

    Our showcase performance for the 2006 Houston Press Music Awards will be at Pete’s Dancing Marlin at 5:00 PM on Sunday, July 30th.

    We hope you can join us for this event.
    If you have not voted yet there is still time! You can also cast your vote at the event.

    We play for about an hour and there are many other great bands to see that day.

    You gotta love the write up in the Houston Press:

    “Traditional folk music for the 21st century” is the stock-in-trade of these sea salts and Zappa- and Devo-loving buccaneers. Regular denizens of the Continental Club complex, these fish can also be found flying in allied bands such as Beetle and Light Rock Express. Their stated goal: “To find a way to keep enjoying the music business”; their dream is an “animated appearance on The Simpsons.” (We can see it now: They’re playing on the docks, and the Sea Captain introduces them thusly: “Arrr, this be the yarrest band thar be#201”) Feel free to request “pop songs from the ’60s and ’70s” at their shows, but don’t holler for “Danny Boy” — you might get a harpoon through your midships.


    • If The Fish ever appear on The Simpsons, I WILL WATCH!
      And good luck this weekend! Love, MH

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