•    2006 Austin Celtic Festival   

    The Largest Gathering of Celts in Central Texas

    Being the first year that the band has not performed at the Texas Renaissance Festival in 15+ years it appears we have the fall season to ourselves and an opportunity to try something new.

    Even though we regret not being invited to participate at our home fair after all these years we are still excited. Excited because we will be performing at the 2006 Austin Celtic Festival that runs Nov 4th and 5th at Fiesta Gardens in Austin, TX.

    This is a real opportunity for us to get to play with some great bands and get in front of some new fans and reconnect with some old ones.

    The current festival site is still a bit bare, but if you look at the 2005 festival site you can get an idea of the festival and the performers.

    We hope our Austin friends and fans will make it out for what is sure to be an AWESOME weekend!


    • I can’t believe you guys won’t be at the Ren Fair this year! I went
      to the website to see what stage the Fish would be on and play times,
      and nothing! But, I WILL be there at the Austin Celtic Festival…

    • Any other gigs before November planned?

    • Hopefully there will be MANY relatives and friends attending. We could probably fill
      the place! Good luck to all of you. MH

    • It totally sucks that you won’t be at the Ren. Faire, but I am really really excited to finally have you guys come to Austin. I will go to the Celtic Festival just to see you.

    • TRF will never be the same.

    • This is disappointing news indeed. I’ve been attending the TX Ren Fest since I was a young girl- 15 years sounds about right. First, my parents worked there when I was very young, and then eventually I worked there during high school. I was too shy to do more than appreciate your music from a distance, but I always sought you out during my breaks. Now I live in Arizona, but still try to make a fall trip back home for Ren Fest. I just booked my plane ticket for the opening weekend, and then decided to look you up online. I’m sad that I will not get to hear you play this year, but at least now I know where to find you. You can bet I will check in occaisionally.

      Tonya Perkins

    • Well, TRF should be ashamed. They are getting rid of the best act to perform at the
      faire. I have seen you for almost as long as I can remember going to the faire.
      I am definately going to email and express my outrage. I have 3 of the cds and they
      have become my favorite pre-faire (and really any time of the year)music. I will
      see what I can do about attending the Austin Celtic Festival since I live in Austin.

    • I missed the whole “not being invited” part before, and can you imagine how shocked and disappointed we were when we arrived at TRF this past weekend, only to not find the FFS and many others not on the schedule?

      We normally go 2-3 times a season (if not more) just for the music. This year, we won’t be returning. *sigh* We will try to make it to Austin but I have a photo fest that weekend to exhibit at. Hopefully you will be performing soon in Houston too.

      We missed you this past weekend!

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